Saturday, March 19, 2011

BLING BUUBIES Nursing Apparel

Assalamualaikum wbt

*As featured in Pa&Ma February 2011 Issue (above snapshot).

Dear all, presenting BLING BUUBIES Nursing Apparel from BLING BOUTIQUE for all breastfeeding mommies out there! BLING BUUBIES Nursing Apparel was founded to provide working and modern mamas a beautiful alternative to the currently ready-to-wear nursing apparel, in understanding the needs of working mothers especially for traditional apparel that can give comfortable breastfeeding access. To fill-in the gaps, BLING BUUBIES Nursing Apparel specially focusing on traditional apparel such as Baju Kurung (Pesak/Johor, Riau/Pahang, Kedah, etc), Kebaya, Jubah and Kurung Moden with specifically-made nursing openings for discreet nursing anywhere, anytime. The materials are of comfortable, easy-to-manage and fit-for-all purposes, which requires less maintenance & ironing.

Kindly refer page 'Nursing Kurung' and 'Nursing Jubah' for BLING BUUBIES Nursing Apparel. Measurement chart and info on order are also available under 'How to order' page.

Happy Viewing!

p/s Nursing Shirt stock will be ready tentatively on April 2011. For Abaya, pre-order are most welcomed..

TQ for your support!

-Ummu Nuha-

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